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Raising a Strong Willed Child

Posted on 07-15-2015


When loving parents bring a beautiful baby into the world, they have ideas of how they will teach their child, what they will provide and maybe what their child will become when he grows up. To the surprise of many first time parents, children often have their own ideas about how things should be done, what they should do, and not do. To a strong willed child, the word, “Stop,” translates into, “Try it another way!”

If you have a strong willed child you understand the challenges that can arise from simple, everyday tasks. For a toddler or preschool child to pick up toys can take twice as long. Finding the right babysitter can be a challenge and even parents can feel overwhelmed. Hopefully, these simple adjustments can help you manage as you raise your strong willed child.

First, recognize and celebrate your child’s personality. Strong willed children are tomorrow’s leaders who need your guidance to manage their feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Help your child understand the boundaries in your home, but seek to loosen the restraints to a degree giving your child a feeling of accomplishment and independence. When you set boundaries, keep them. Your child may be very convincing in an effort to change your mind. If you are serious about teaching your child, then keep the boundaries certain and do not change your mind. It may take a while but eventually your child will understand and embrace the boundaries. A strong willed child may often say, “I can do it myself.” If your activity is something your child can handle, let him do it himself. For a strong willed child, there is a need to complete tasks and make decisions. Try to keep your child busy with engaging activities like summer camps and other extra curricular programs. Be careful when you are angry or disappointed. The goal is to seek reasons to celebrate, affirm and encourage your chid everyday!

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Greensboro on Pisgah Church Road, in Greensboro North Carolina, we understand the different personalities found in infants, toddlers, and preschool children. That’s why all of our programs are designed with varying learning styles in mind. We hope you will stop by for a tour and see firsthand how we love and nurture our children, beyond an ordinary childcare or daycare experience!

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